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Winter fell

2018 Christmas Wreath
2018 Winter wreath from materials gathered on Mauna Kea

You have felt the chill in the air. Winter has fallen and Puna People don socks and beanies to protect from the cold air that has traveled from far away places. Now is the time of AIR/One/Winter, before it moves to WATER/Two/Spring, then on to FIRE/Three/Summer, then EARTH/Four/Autumn. The Wheel of the Year turns. Now is the time of Mind, a time to go inward, meditation medicine journeying, and Underworld passages. Great healing can take place during Winter. If we allow it to transform our Inner World, our Outer World will respond and Spring will Bloom like never before. Should you need assistance and guidance from the Temple, contact me to set up an appointment.

"When approached properly, the Spirit of the Seasons are great allies. Each manifests as a personality, with wisdom and advice to share, and work to do to bring balance." (Christopher Penczak)

Ekahi. Elua. Ekolu. Eha. 1. 2. 3. 4. Each a deep breath. This is a practice of those who follow the huna wisdom of ancient Wise Ones of Hawaii. Ekahi. Elua. Ekolu. Eha. Pay attention to your breath. All life follows a pattern. Even as time moves forward, and the wheel of the year turns, the pattern remains true. Ekahi. Elua. Ekolu. Eha. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Studying the Kabbalah Tree of Life when my children were babies allowed me to see this pattern over and over again as Time moved on. It allowed me to be patient, knowing everything has a time, a season, and that change is inevitable. Ekahi. Elua. Ekolu. Eha. Patience. Everything in its own time. Patience, a daily practice as my downstairs is being remodeled to accommodate those healing sessions, classes and workshops that must come home to the Temple. And the practice of "Finding Beauty among Chaos". Deep lessons during this cold season as i shovel the snow from my mind to uncover the paths i must take.

May we all receive wisdom and healing during and from this season of cold and darkness.

Blessings on your journey through the New Year 2019!

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