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Blogging new chapters

The Lemuria Goddess Temple enters its third year of dedication to the Spiritual Path of Earth and Beauty. I've been hearing the call recently to blog all the changes that naturally occur at Hale`ohulakuapohaku. Beginning in 2016, I have chanted Hawaiian blessings to start each day at the Temple. Occasionally, I have missed a day or two due to stormy conditions. During the Leilani Lava Flow of May - August 2018, I was unable to continue the practice due to displacement, and the land waited patiently for my return. It has made a world of difference in bringing in the Light and higher vibrations into this corner of my neighborhood community. Many within earshot have offered their deep appreciation upon hearing the uplifting olelo (Hawaiian chanting) each morning. I enjoy starting my day this way, and I am grateful for their support.

Since starting public ceremonies, the Temple has focused on celebrating and honoring the monthly "double digit" days (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc.) on which many holidays occur. This year, I have received the message to honor the quarters and cross-quarters, and some full moons. I encourage you to join me in ceremony at these times.

The Third Annual Izaihoo Priestess Initiation and Re-Dedication occurs this year on Thursday, November 15, 5 pm, at the Star Visitor Sanctuary in Kaimu. All is invited to this sacred ceremony.

Rev. Ukuri Kahu Kazume Mahiehie Martin

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