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Already a new year, not only a new year, a new decade full of promise and hope. 2020 is about relationships, creation and recreation of peace from imbalance and chaos, reset and renewal! It is the springboard from where we leap and fly into new ways of relating to others.

The past few weeks since receiving my first ever tatau/batok from Ancestrally linked batok expert Lane Wilcken have been full of spurred creative growth. The Ancestors have been fully supportive of my artistic production and it feels wonderful to have this physical ceremonial mark on my left, receiving, maternal side of the body, back of the hand. With this mark, I have decided to ONLY receive such ceremonial tatau/batok marks from now on. And perhaps, even learning how to do it myself one day to continue the ceremonial tradition. The mark on my middle finger was my first attempt at "stick & poke" using modern ink and needles. Another mark on my right thigh shows my first attempt at traditional batok using my own created kukui based ink and natural thorn.

The kia'i protectors of Mauna a Wakea are still standing in protection of this sacred pace. As this battle wages in courts, the international sphere, throughout scientific circles and communities, it is clear this is about Big Money Economic$ vs. Spiritual & Cultural Belief. It is clear to the Hawaiian Practitioners that there can be no compromise to the desecration of this Most Sacred Space. Where do you stand in your sacred beliefs? Are there any Highest of Sacred Spaces (external and/or internal) in which you affirm adamantly against any defilement? Would you risk your life, health, imprisonment for what you believe in? And if you don't assist in safeguarding such Highest of Sacred Places for others, how will you expect anyone to assist when they come for yours? In these times, we must stand shoulder to shoulder for all our sacred places. What makes Mauna Kea so sacred? She gives Life in the form of water, and protects us from natural forces. The Hawaiians called their Gods, "Akua." Literally it means, one who supports, one who has your back. By Ku Kia'i Mauna, we support the Akua, as the Akua supports us.

Mahalo for your continued support as the remodeling of this sacred space at Hale'ohulakuapohaku continues. Aloha Kakou, Rev. Ukuri Kahu Kazume Martin

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