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Lemuria Goddess Temple of Love, Light and Laughter


Hale`ohulakuapohaku​, "temple of the dancing Goddess in stone", is sacred land where the holy spiritual aspect of the Divine Feminine, is recognized, respected, and valued.  She welcomes you here as you are, and holds the sacred space for you to step in to claiming your Divinity, into Wholeness, into Wellness, into Majesty, into the Gracious Life, Glorious Life.

Rev. Kazume Mahiehie Martin,

ukuri Priestess of the ancient Uchinanchu Kaminchu lineage,

is the kahu (spiritual attendant/caretaker) of Hale`ohulakuapohaku, 

a healing temple which offers educational and healing opportunities

as it uplifts and serves the Goddess.  

Temple ceremonies occur at various times during the year.

 Spiritual Healing and Educational Offerings include:

Reiki energy healing, intuitive/psychic surgery, and Attunements

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Therapy) excursions into Nature

Wildcrafting on the Big Island

Divination/Guidance through Tarot and Runes

Spiritual/Life Counseling

Sacred Ceremony marking special occasions (i.e., Weddings, Births, House/Land/Business Blessings, Graduations, Crossing Over & other Transitions)

Red Tent Offerings for Women:

Birthdance: Dancing Babies into Our World

Earth Sacred Dance of Honoring the Divine Yin Energy

Henna/Mehndi for healing & rite-of-passage ceremonial markings

Bridal party Mehndi

Pahu (Hawaiian Drum) carving and Hawaiian cultural practices

Women's Sacred Drum Circle

Out of the Closet, Into the Light & Healing #metoo Circle

Ukuri Kahu Kazume Mahiehie Martin

Spiritual Services

Group Sessions

There is a place for you,

inside the Temple

Private Session

Return to Life,

Glorious Life!

Aloha.  Kazume has a rare gift with her stones. Over the years, I've sent many people to her, including a skeptical CEO or 2. Without exception, she's been uncanny in shedding light on whatever situation &/or challenges they may be facing, in a way that supports them in getting in touch with their own inner guidance, to move their lives forward. 

Nadia Linda Chiu Hole, AlohaMD

*swim deeper*

rr2 Box 6289, Pahoa, HI  96778 \\ Tel: 808-333-4802


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